Leadership Voyeurism

Your employees are your voyeurs. They love to peek into your world and guess what you are thinking, what you’re planning to do next.

Screenshot Your Leadership



” … screenshots let you see other people’s screenworlds, increasingly where we all do our best thinking. They invite a useful voyeurism.” Wired Magazine

Your employees want to know about you, how you approach a problem, what is important to you. They talk and speculate about you all the time anyway. Why not have more of a say in what they are saying about you?

Start using screenshots

Make your Instagram or Twitter account a place where your employees or followers can experience your thinking. I’m doing this with you now by sharing this screenshot of an article that triggered my thinking about how leaders could more effectively engage their staff. I read the article because I use screenshots all the time and find them very useful to convey information quickly.

P.S. if you’re not familiar with how to make a screenshot … Google it for your preferred device.¬† You can do screenshots from a desktop or mobile devices. Here’s the instructions for an iPhone …

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