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Jumping In Front of a Parade Does Not Make You a Leader

Leadership is taking people to a place they would not have gotten to already. If you see a parade going down the street and you run up in front of it, they’re not actually following you. Nathan Myhrvold, Intellectual Ventures I am a big fan of podcasting. Recently, I listened to a Freakonomics episode about […] Read more

Ask Yourself: Is This a Problem or Just Snail S**t?

Doing more with less is here to stay for the foreseeable future. None of us live in the land of plenty today. You need to be good at operating in this world. People who work in a start-up business or a small business learn this lesson early. With fewer resources, there is far less room for mistakes. […] Read more

A dirty little secret I learned in MBA school

Okay, it’s not really dirty, or little for that matter. And it’s really not secret. But many people I work with have forgotten it or have never heard of it. It’s the fast-cheap-good reality of decision making. You are always bound by the “pick two” rule. Because there is no such thing as producing a […] Read more

Did Your Intern Create Your Web Site?

When I visit a business web site, within seconds, I can tell who created the site. If it is not done by the company intern, it is usually done by one of three people – a programmer, a graphic artist, or a social marketer. What clues me in to who created the site? Well… Programmers […] Read more

Copyright Infringement – Internet Myths

Here is a concise, very good explanation about copyright for the internet. Thank you to Source: Copyright Infringement: Myths vs Facts from […] Read more

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