Got 5 Minutes?

I will give you something worth thinking about. Leadership intention matters. Take time everyday to think.

Good Leaders Manage Decision Fatigue

Leaders are paid to make decisions, ostensibly good ones. You have to be ready to swing for the one that becomes a home run. More and more research is being dedicated to examining how leaders make decisions and what behaviors impact outcomes both positive and negative. What we know is leaders are much better making […] Read more

Two thoughts, one brain, no problem

Successful leaders have trained themselves to hold two opposing views or thoughts in their heads at the same time. They can do this without getting anxious, without panicking. They use this ability to creatively problem solve.  They have disciplined their minds to learn how to think. A case in point … You supervise a creative, […] Read more

Playing Fair or Playing Favorites?

Great commercial from Ally Bank that goes to the core of fair play. (video quality is not great but the message is) It’s so much easier to play favorites. You trust the person more, you know the task will get done, it makes your life easier. Some argue that playing favorites is not only OK, […] Read more

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