Got 5 Minutes?

I will give you something worth thinking about. Leadership intention matters. Take time everyday to think.

Leadership: It’s About The Nail

You have chosen leadership as your path to self-discovery, to self-awareness (whether you consciously understood that when you accepted the job or not). Are you leaning into your challenges or avoiding them by believing “It’s not about the nail?” […] Read more

Can you do the Waggle Dance?

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it makes great leaders Curiosity Really, just be curious: about how things work, about the people you work with, about how to get better, about what is actually going on around you.  Let me explain in a more scientific way… To be successful in an ever-changing environment, you have to […] Read more

Umm … Here’s a Helpful App, I Think

Are you addicted to fillers? Those “Ums” or “Likes” or “Uhs” in your speech? Well now there’s an app that can help you break your addiction. Fillers are basically words that are meaningless except to create conversation cues. Fillers can be effective communication tools if used properly.  For example, “Fool me once, shame on you. […] Read more

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