Got 5 Minutes?

I will give you something worth thinking about. Leadership intention matters. Take time everyday to think.

Hidden Brain: Degrees of Maybe

Leaders are paid to think about tomorrow. And we are probably relying too much on pundits and prognosticators, those with an air of certainty, to guide us. It’s time we reconsider this and do our own research and thinking about who we are listening to. Listen to this podcast entitled, Degrees of Maybe: How we […] Read more

Be Deliberate

Some days can be fast and furious yet other days are slow and steady. Deliberation should trump impulse. However, it shouldn’t keep you still and stuck in indecision. Be the like the turtle and consistently move forward. Turtles know they will get to the other side […] Read more

Shake Off Your Illusions to See in the Dark

Moments of conscious clarity strike like lightning at midnight. A flash turns night into day. In a moment, you see where you are and where you are going but still spend most of the night in the dark. Why does this have to be the nature of everyday consciousness? Your brain is a muscle. You […] Read more

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